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What do you get when you put together a band of four washed-up dad-punks in the twilight of their youth, and a bassist that has barely managed to move away from home? “A band so tight and well-rehearsed that it’s pure joy to see them perform live”, according to blogger and music connoisseur Evig Lyttar

DANGERFACE is described as an energetic and hard-hitting band, and to experience the band live is a sure-fast guarantee of borderline whiplash injury, ear-ringing and delicious headache the next day. At the same time, the band makes sure to feed you just enough catchy hooks and choruses to sing along to, that you find yourself humming the songs on your way back home. 

It’s therefore hard to believe that lyrically the band express a form of resigned frustration and apathy, born out of, among other things, the current political climate. Mike, the vocalist, explains: 

"Lyrically, the song Let It Burn is a quasi-political song, where everything we hear about today, "fake news", "alternative truth" and other misery, is wrapped up in a musical package of delicious hardcore and punk. It’s difficult to not be affected by the things happening in the world today, and so this track was born as a result of the tangible frustration we all feel in today's political climate.” 

The musical expression of the band often contrast the content of the lyrics. There is no doubt it’s fast, aggressive, loud and uncompromising, but DANGERFACE is the band that will make you want to sing along in spite of all this misery, with a giant grin on your face. 

During the course of their musical careers, the band members have played in several different bands, including Drink Your PoisonSpit and A Red Sky Collapse. But, at the bands conception, all the members found themselves for the first time in a long time without a band, and none felt that they were finished with aggressive music. Although the members of the band have a somewhat different background, ranging from punk, hardcore and metal, the common denominator was a deep love of different legendary hardcore-punk bands like RefusedGallowsThe Ghost Of A Thousand and The Bronx. There was therefore no doubt about the musical direction of DANGERFACE

DANGERFACE wants to spread their music to anyone willing to have a listen, and although the music might not be right up the alley of the most delicate souls amongst us, the band is convinced that if you just give it a chance, their music will have you smiling, dancing and singing along to the utter and complete destruction of the world!

I fucking love it when something comes out of nowhere like this and just slaps your teeth down your throat”


A mightily impressive debut that promises much more to come”

— MetalHammer UK

Fuck the revolution, I want DANGERFACE!”


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